Appointment of CMS Family NFPs and other representatives
NFPs and other representatives  NFP: Initiate appointments of NFPs, Standing Committee representatives and other experts and obtain official signed letter of appointment from the responsible minister or government office.
Responsible Minister: Fill in and sign official appointment form
NFP or responsible designating authority: Submit official appointment letter to the Secretariat/Coordinating Unit concerned
 NFP: Inform the Secretariat/Coordinating Unit concerned of any changes in the NFPs contact details
Collect contact information of all relevant stakeholders active in the field of the CMS and its instruments
Establish regular information flow and maintain the communication between the Government and the Secretariat/ Coordinating Unit as well as other Member States to the CMS Family instruments.
  Staying up to date
Regularly check the CMS Family websites, notification, e-bulletins and social media for information and provide input where required.