National Reporting under CMS and its instruments, if carried out properly, has numerous benefits for the reporting countries:
• The National Reporting process can serve as an incentive for the systematic collection of data and information related to migratory species. It also provides for the regular updating of this data and information and for some countries can provide a unique framework for collating and archiving data and information.
• National Reporting leads to an increase in knowledge on migratory species and other related issues as well as the identification of gaps in knowledge.
• National Reports are a tool for sharing information – both within the country and internationally. They also bring the data and information collected to the public domain.
• National Reporting also allows countries to identify conservation issues that need to be tackled within their own country, in a region and/or more broadly internationally by a number of countries.
• Due to its multi-stakeholder nature, National Reporting establishes and builds a national alliance for implementation.
• National Reports can serve as the starting point for the planning of national implementation activities under the CMS Family Instruments.