The role of NFPs with regards to resource mobilization is twofold:

Assessed contributions

An important aspect of the NFP’s work is to oversee and ensure the prompt and full payment of the annual contributions to the CMS and its instruments. NFPs are regularly informed by Secretariats/Coordinating Units about the status of their annual dues and will receive invoices from UNEP Headquarters in Nairobi. It is crucial that assessed contributions are paid on time in order to ensure the smooth functioning and continuation of activities, staffing and project implementation. The quality and effective implementation of a programme or project suffer when funding is irregular.

Voluntary contributions

In addition to the assessed contributions, voluntary contributions both financial and in-kind are welcome and sought particularly to support the implementation of CMS and instruments at the international level. NFPs are informed by Secretariats and Coordinating Units about funding needs to complement core resources.

Paying the contributions to the CMS Family instruments

While responsibility for securing adequate resources is expected to be shared among the various activity leaders and stakeholders, the NFP is expected to play a proactive role. Much of the financial resources will have to be found at the national level and each country will have its own institutions and procedures to deal with this.

NFPs should make sure that the contributions to the CMS Family instruments are paid on time. The amounts are deter- mined by the meetings of the decision-making bodies and the can be found in the adopted budget resolution/decisions. Normally in the budget resolution/decisions an indication of the bank details and on how and who to pay are provided.