Most CMS Family instruments have their own National Report Format. The format defines which type of information needs to be reported by the countries under each Instrument. Broadly the categories of information concern the status of the migratory species covered by the instrument, threats and pressures facing them, relevant responses taken as well as knowledge, capacity, institutional and financial matters. The formats are closely aligned with the Strategic Plans and Action Plans of the Instruments and the decisions of their decision-making bodies which establish the requirement to make a report.
The reporting formats are provided in the appropriate working language(s) CMS and its instruments. The CMS National Reporting Format is available in the three working languages of the COP which are English, French and Spanish. In the cases of some of the Agreements, such as AEWA and EUROBATS, however, the National Reporting Formats are only available in English and French which are the two working languages of their MOP.
Report formats are usually approved by the decision-making body of CMS or the given instruments concerned. The mandate to make revisions and amendments to the reporting formats in the inter-sessional periods can be given to the subsidiary bodies such as the Standing/Advisory Committees.
For the latest version of the individual national report formats, please contact the Secretariat/Coordinating Unit of the relevant CMS instrument.