The data and information gathered in the National Reports, when objective and comprehensive, are of great value for many processes and user groups. For this reason it is important that the data be as complete and accurate as possible.
National Reports functions as a “one-stop-shop” for a country’s official information on migratory species and the measures undertaken to conserve them. Through this, the Government fulfills its obligations under CMS and its instruments.
From the viewpoint of CMS and its instruments, the data collected in the National Report provide information against indicators of the Strategic Plans or other implementation indicators and on the broader international level can also provide information on progress made towards achieving the Aichi targets. Thus they provide an assessment of implementation of the instrument as a whole and informs decisions of its decision-making body as well as feeds into the broader international biodiversity governance processes.
Nationally, the National Reports are essential for understanding the overall picture of implementation - progress and strengths, but also gaps and weaknesses - of the National Biodiversity Strategic Action Plans and National Implementation Plans and achieving the objectives of the Instrument. With the development of an analytical tool to complement the Online Reporting System the analysis of data and information will be automated and access to and use of the information will increase significantly, giving an unprecedented web-based gateway to information collected through national reports.
Governments can use the data and information to inform their decision-making and further implementation planning. NGOs can also use the information collected to direct their priorities for activities on the ground. The information contained in National Reports also provides a useful data source for academic research in the fields of conservation, sustainable use, environmental governance and others.
The private sector, for example, can use the information made available through National Reports in their strategic business planning.