Lundi, Mai 26, 2014 - Lundi, Juillet 28, 2014
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This online course provided by The University of Western Australia and will look at how intelligent and innovative use of the ocean can sustainably deliver the key resources necessary to help meet some of the great challenges faced by humanity.

About the course:

The world's population recently reached seven billion people, and is expected to swell to nine billion by 2050. This growing population is putting pressure on food, water and energy supplies, threatening biodiversity, and contributing to global climate change. We need find a way to meet these challenges while maintaining a healthy and sustainable environment. We believe that the oceans hold the key to overcoming these challenges.

In this 8-week course we will look at:

  • The significant challenges facing humanity now and in the future
  • Identifying the bottle-necks behind these challenges
  • How ocean-based solutions will help to meet the growing demands for resources
  • How ocean-based solutions can be used in climate change mitigation strategies
  • The historical impact of ocean governance on implementing effective solutions
  • The impacts of public perception and attitudes in implementing ocean solution strategies and consider the practicality of successfully deploying them