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The Migratory Species Champion Programme aims to promote the work under the CMS Family and encourage sustainable and predictable support. The Programme has been designed to raise and recognize commitments to provide medium- and long-term resources for conservation actions. 


Migratory Animals are an integral part of nature and our lives. On their journeys spanning in some cases thousands of kilometres, migratory animals often connect continents, cultures and people along their migration routes providing sustenance, recreation and numerous ecosystem benefits. Animal migration is among the world’s most awe-inspiring and magical natural phenomena and has fascinated humans and inspired cultures for millennia. Although animal migration may be a universal phenomenon, it is also an increasingly endangered one. In virtually every corner of the globe, migratory animals face a growing array of threats.  

The Convention and its specialized daughter agreements, altogether known as CMS Family, are concerned with the conservation of migratory wildlife on a global or regional scale ranging from whales and dolphins to sharks and marine turtles; from elephants to gorillas and antelopes; from many bird species to butterflies. The work of the members of the CMS Family is guided by decisions of their respective governing bodies. The implementation of these decisions is dependent on funding from the Member States coupled with voluntary contributions from various sources. The operation of all CMS agreements is largely subject to the voluntary financial income that the Secretariats can generate. In most cases, past and current fundraising efforts have resulted in modest and/or ad hoc grants being obtained which can support only short-term activities. This makes planning and implementation of conservation work largely unpredictable and uncertain endeavour, which in turn impacts its continuity and success.