Migratory Species Champion Programme


Who can be a Champion?

Championscan be Governments, companies, organizations and individuals willing to make a financial commitment of at least three years for one or more specific CMS Family initiatives. Contributions could be made annually or as one-off payments. In-kind donations also qualify provided that they comply with requirements of this programme.

Becoming a Champion is more than being a donor. It is rather being an advocate for migratory species delivering support for their conservation beyond funding. Champions become part of the solution to big problems that concern them.


What can a Champion support?

The programmeoffers a portfolio of initiatives. Each initiative comprises a set of activities contributing to the implementation of a large programmetargeting a species, a group of species or a cross-cutting issue. Please see the Initiatives Page

Donors not in a position to commit to the programme, are still invited and encouraged to provide voluntary contributions according to their ability and capacity. The Championstatus is however only granted for those donations meeting the criteria of this programme.


Why becoming Champion?

The Programme and its results are promoted on the following dedicated webpage. Furthermore, Championsare acknowledged with certificates that testify their support to one or more initiatives.

Different categories of Championsare defined to recognize different levels of contributions. The scheme of categories is as follows:

  • Champion for annual contributions from €20,000 up to €50,000 over at least a three-year period.
  • Champion Plus for annual contributions of more than €50,000 over at least a three-year period;
  • Champion Extraordinaire for continuous support.

Engaging and awarding Championsare rolling processes undertaken by each Secretariat.


Ad hoc donors’ events are organized in the margins of the CMS Family decision-making bodies to acknowledge existing Champions. The certificate and the associated publicity provide Championswith the opportunity to promote both nationally and internationally their commitment and support for the conservation of migratory species.