Review and revise existing national legislation
The review should look for gaps and how existing legislation and policy support the implementation of the instruments.
A review should not only focus on the existence of national legislation but also encompass its enforcement.
  Plan implementation by following the national consultation process
Consult with different relevant actors at the national level, including other ministries and technical/scientific experts
as well as NFPs of other relevant MEAs
The process should be open, transparent and inclusive in order to develop ownership and legitimacy for the plans
Establish or join existing national committee for implementation of migratory species conservation needs
  Develop National Strategies and/or implementation plans
For the development of a National Strategy and/or Implementation Plan the following three options could be
1. Full integration of Migratory Species into the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP)
2. Stand-alone National Implementation Plan for Migratory Species (NIP)
3. Combination of NBSAP and NIP
Whichever option is chosen, it is clear that an effective strategy can only be elaborated through a consultative
process with full involvement of all relevant stakeholders.
  Promote and collaborate to actively support implementation on the ground
Link decision-making with implementation on the ground
Improve national capacity-building plans for the implementation of the CMS and its instruments (e.g. communication
and awareness raising)
Review of national resources available for implementation
Secure additional financial and other resources for the implementation
Explore enacting a national strategy and/or implementation strategy into law
Develop enforcement and compliance frameworks
  Monitor, and assess and report on national implementation
National strategies and/or plans should include review, monitoring and evaluation of a countries implementation
activities in order to determine whether the CMS and its instruments are bringing about tangible improvement and
that obligations under the instruments are being met.
  Promote transboundary and regional Implementation and
implementation at the international level
Engage international processes such as UNDAFs and GEF