The term “CMS Family”, as used in this Manual, includes CMS itself as well as its instruments, that is to say, the Agreements and Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) signed under its auspices.

The term “CMS Family NFPs” is used to refer to the person or persons designated by the government of a Member State to be responsible for dealing with issues relating to CMS and /or one or more of its instruments. CMS and some of its instruments have developed terms of reference for their own NFPs.

The issues relating to CMS and/or one or more of its instruments might involve the representation of the designating government in its day-to-day dealings with the Secretariat(s)/Coordinating Unit(s), including activities such as communications, monitoring and reporting, dissemination of information, representation at meetings, responding to various requests and promoting or facilitating national implementation of CMS and/or one or more of its instruments.