Preparing for meetings:
Initiate nomination of delegation at the national level and pre-register them via the online registration system
Request credentials and full powers, where applicable, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Head of State or Head
of Government
Inquire about visa requirements and obtain visa
  Before meetings:
Come to the meetings prepared. Familiarize oneself with the topics on the agenda and emerging issues, and initiate
the development of a national (and, potentially, regional) position.
Develop draft decisions and resolutions as appropriate and submit them to the Secretariat/Coordination Unit within
the deadline for circulation
Review meeting documents and prepare comments and positions on submissions of other comments
  During meetings:
Know the applicable Rules of Procedure well and participate actively in the meeting
Exchange views and try to develop a text of the draft resolution/decision which is agreeable to all participants
  After meetings:
Review meeting record
Initiate ratification procedure where applicable
Distribute information on the meeting widely to stakeholders
Identify priority activities for national implementation